Listen Again!

Here is the entire Covenant Concert!!! Thank you WDAV


This includes an excellent interview with Stephen Darlington and with a chorister Nicholas Savage

Here is a link to WDAV’s page for us that has a wide range of material.

Stephen Darlington

I think this picture sums up his grace and character – don’t you? (Photo – Wiley Stewart for WDAV)

Behind the scenes at Covenant

Last night’s performance was a triumph. I am told 700 people were there and I heard the last half on my iPhone. At the end the audience lept to its feet and whistled, cheered and stamped their feet.

The podcast will be available soon – so you too will be able to hear them. But what was it like getting ready? Let’s see the feet of the swan paddling away.

It was a lovely day as you can see.

The boys had an outing before they got down to work. (Sophie Biddell)

On parade!

It all looks so easy on the night but of course it is not…..

This kind of work brings you together

Like this

But it is also just hard!

Schedule for St Albans March 30th

We perform at St Albans at 7.30pm on Wednesday March 30th. All the details are here.

Tickets available at the door, or in advance by calling 704.941.0650.
Box Office Hours 9-3, Mon-Fri.

The Open Rehearsal is 2pm – 5pm

The next day they travel to Washington.


Schedule leading up to the performance at Covenant Presbyterian

The Choir arrive in Charlotte on Sunday March 27 after a day of travelling from Oxford to New York – to Charlotte.

On Monday March 28th it will be a warm up and adjust day with an Open Rehearsal at Covenant at 2pm.

On Tuesday March 29th there is another Open Rehearsal 1t 2pm and the performance – which will be recorded by WDAV will be at 7pm

Ticketing information is here

WDAV – Our Sponsor & Host in Charlotte

Our tour would not have been possible without a massive amount of help from our friends at WDAV. Here is what they are doing:

Christ Church Cathedral Choir of Oxford, England, begins its 2011 USA/Canada concert tour with first-ever appearances in the Carolinas. On Tuesday, March 29, 2011, the choir performs at Charlotte’s Covenant Presbyterian Church, and WDAV Classical Public Radio will be on-hand to present a live broadcast, beginning at 7 p.m. The next evening, Christ Church Cathedral Choir performs at St. Alban’s Episcopal Church in Davidson, NC.

From recordings of these two Charlotte-area concerts, WDAV will produce an Eastertide choral program, to be made available to public radio stations across the country.

WDAV's Frank Dominguez

“Christ Church Cathedral Choir is one of the world’s great male-voice choirs – with an unequalled tradition,” notesFrank Dominguez, WDAV Program Director and co-host of the live broadcast. “What an honor it is for WDAV to be a planning partner on the tour – and to bring this concert to our listeners and choral fans across the nation.” Mr. Dominguez and WDAV colleague Lauren Ricohave been tapped to co-host the live broadcast on March 29 and the program to be syndicated nationwide at Easter. In addition to his duties as WDAV Program Director, Mr. Dominguez hosts WDAV’s Choral ShowcaseThe Night Music andConcierto. Ms. Rico hosts the weekly Carolina Live, a co-production with South Carolina ETV and Radio, as well as weekend editions of The Early Shift.

On its 2011 USA/Canada Tour, Christ Church Cathedral Choir will perform works by choral music’s most celebrated composers, including John Taverner, Thomas Tallis, George Frideric Handel, William Walton and Howard Goodall. At the March 29 concert at Covenant Presbyterian Church, the Boys Choir at St. Peter’s of Charlotte will join the Christ Church Cathedral Choir for several selections.