The Trip to Washington

There are going to be some names that crop up a bit during this tour. None more so than ‘Bus driver Larry’.

Bus driver Larry is a throw back to the days when things were simple; men wore a Trilby, women would wear a pinafore in the house and bus drivers told it how it was. After we’d left Davidson our first stop was a petrol station with a McDonalds and a store so people stocked up on snacks. Larry got a large coffee from Maccas. Next stop was for lunch and everyone piled out of the bus and into Subway. The planned 20 minute stop was closer to an hour but everyone was satisfied. Shortly afterwards Larry piped up on the intercom, ‘Did any of y’all have the Meatball Sub? It’s the last day it’s on special!’ That kind of knowledge is hard to find in England. The fact that he knew the ‘sub of the month’ was awesome – I think he’s been a regular fan! Ice Age, Iron Man 2 and part of My name is Khan were the DVDs on offer. Easy to watch and no one had to think too much.

Here are some pictures of the trip

We made our way through Richmond, the capital of Virginia, and onto Washington DC, arriving at about 4.30pm at the National Cathedral. What a sight! It’s an enormous building and looks like a bit of a mash-up of Canterbury Cathedral, Truro, York, Notre Dame and a few others! Everyone was getting excited about the prospect of singing in it the next day. The boys got sorted out with rooms while the gents started dinner. Then the boys joined us and everyone went off to get changed in preparation for the reception at the British Embassy.

We sang pretty much the same programme that we’d sung at Duke Mansion in Charlotte. Only this time we added Somewhere over the Rainbow at the end. The audience thoroughly enjoyed it and we all enjoyed the nibbles and drinks afterwards! It was really interesting speaking to the eclectic range of people that had been invited; from doctors, lawyers and diplomats to radio broadcasters, theatre directors and speech language therapists and many more.

We returned to the Cathedral to be picked up by our hosts.

Tomorrow we get to go inside what should be for many of us the biggest Cathedral we’ve ever sung in. Can’t wait!