Dianne Ennis Stewart – Roadie

Dianne will be the Tour Manager (Roadie) who will be looking after all on the tour. Here is a glimpse of who she is. Are we ever lucky!

The toughest job on the tour

Touring, like war, needs a good plan. But also like war, once you start, then what you need is a good commander who can rock and roll with the inevitable issues that always arise.

We are so fortunate to have the help in this key job of Dianne Ennis Stewart. Here is a brief bio:

I am honored and excited to have been invited to accompany and manage the day-to-day activities of the 2011 US Canada Tour, for this extraordinary choir!”

Dianne Ennis Stewart is currently the PR & Marketing Director of Speed Reading International, Inc, better known as ExecuRead and based in Charlotte, NC and consults with other businesses through BSA Public Relations and Marketing – a division of SRI, Inc. She has been president of BSA Public Relations and Marketing since 1988. She relocated with her husband and family to Charlotte from South Africa in July 2001 to establish an office for Speed Reading International, Inc (SRI) in the United States. A music degree graduate, her love for music and performance still extends today with active involvement with conductors, artists and organizations like the Charlotte Symphony Orchestra, The Symphony Guild of Charlotte, Friends of Music at Queens University and the Chamber Music for Teens Summer Workshop at University of North Carolina Charlotte. Ms Stewart is a registered Accredited Public Relations Practitioner (APR) and prior to her departure for the US , she was honored with a 10- year Long Service Award from her Public Relations Institute in South Africa.