Nanjing: Day Two

The choir has been hard at work today, performing two concerts at Nanjing’s futuristic Jiangsu Centre for the Performing Arts. This enormous complex (which looks as though it has just landed from outer space) includes an opera house and several concert halls, and was only completed a year ago. The choristers enjoyed trying the snacks provided by the concert hall,  which included a pile of cherry tomatoes and several kinds of sponge. As one senior boy put it: ‘once you get past the flavour and the look, the texture isn’t bad’. Luckily there was pizza for lunch, and the boys got to eat their own body-weight in noodles for dinner.

The hot, steamy weather has reminded us that Nanjing sits on the Yangtze River delta, and the lush hotel garden is full of the sounds of exotic insects… such a contrast from the bustling streets of Macau. We’ve enjoyed today’s performances, but tomorrow we get to explore!


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