Macau: Day Two


Today the singing began in earnest. Dr Darlington and the choristers started the morning by holding a choral masterclass at Sheng Kung Hui Choi Kou School. The school’s own choir sang impressively, and they couldn’t have welcomed us more warmly – particularly when their staff very kindly led us down the street for a superb dim sum lunch afterwards. (By the end of this tour the choristers will hopefully be able to operate chopsticks with more accuracy, but for now we all enjoy placing bets on which directions they’ll fling their food.)

In the afternoon the full choir assembled for rehearsals at Sé Cathedral, an elegant seventeenth-century building with an extraordinarily voluminous acoustic. By 8pm the building had filled with locals, expats, dignitaries and fellow musicians, all of whom had gathered to join us for an extended evensong that contained easily a week’s worth of anthems. It was especially moving to be joined by the choir of Choi Kou School and their director Raymond Chan, who has been part of the incredible team that has welcomed us so warmly (and efficiently) here in Macau. We will be very sorry to leave them all in the morning!




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