China tour 2018: Macau

It seems a very long time since the choir set off from Albion Place on Tuesday. We travelled by coach, plane, train and ferry to reach Macau yesterday evening, although Wednesday came and went before we’d really noticed its existence (did we dream our trip to a Portuguese restaurant on arrival? The waves of delicious food certainly appeared like magic).

Today (Thursday) is our first full day in Macau, and the choristers couldn’t have wished for a better start to the tour. The morning began with circuits of our hotel’s breakfast buffet, and – fortified by bacon, cereal, and in some cases noodles – the boys hopped on a coach bound for the Pavilhão do Panda Gigante. You won’t need to speak Portuguese to guess what we saw, and they were indeed GIGANTE. After an adrenaline-fuelled visit to the Warner Bros Fun Zone (where Dr and Mrs Darlington were last seen careering down a dark tunnel wielding laser guns) the whole choir met for an extravagant lunch at the Four Seasons Hotel.

The choristers roamed unfettered through a buffet of oysters, lobster, roast duck, unlimited ice cream and other delights, then proved they were still capable of independent movement by wandering to the Ruins of St Paul’s for the essential Macanese photo opportunity. The air-conditioned bliss of the nearby Museu de Macao gave us the opportunity to soak up the history of the area, before the call of the hotel swimming pool became overwhelming. Thoroughly washed and scrubbed, the choristers finished their day by joining our generous local hosts for a sumptuous (and very refined) dinner at the Institute of Tourism Studies.

If the boys get to watch pandas and drink lobster cappucino on Day One, who knows what the rest of the tour will bring?!


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