Day 6 and Day 7: Virginia to North Carolina


Things seemed to have moved at a languid pace for a few days, but on Day 6 the choristers were transformed once more from ambling tourists to professional performers. This metamorphosis was aided by the breakfast of the boys’ dreams, and – having been reminded not to eat more than they could lift – the pancake-filled choristers spent most of the day working hard in preparation for the evening’s concert.

The performance was streamed live on the internet, which was just as well since there wasn’t a spare seat in the house! A warm welcome from the Dean of VTS was matched by two rousing standing ovations from our delighted audience. The boys were only too glad to accept an invitation to the post-concert reception, where they discussed the highs and lows of being an international celebrity (and managed not to drink any wine).

On Day 7 the kind folks at VTS produced fresh blueberry waffles for our final breakfast. The choristers bade a sad farewell to the dining hall’s groaning tables, and climbed aboard a coach for the long journey south. Along our route the boys stripped bare a Cracker Barrel gift-shop in Virginia, and piled into the drive-thru of a North Carolinian Wendy’s to pick up restorative milkshakes. We were pleased to notice a slight improvement in temperature at each rest stop, and by the time we reached Davidson it was finally possible to remove our hats and gloves.

We were delighted to be met at our hotel by Lisa Gray of WDAV, who has played such a vital role in bringing the choir to this part of the world over the past decade. The boys were soon checked into their rooms (or rather ‘suites’, since our palatial accommodation includes lounge, kitchen, bedroom and showers the size of a bus stop) and sitting down to a sumptuous dinner of pulled pork and beans. They certainly slept soundly tonight!

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