Day 4: Hymn to the Virginia

I must apologise in advance for the lack of content in today’s blog post; we have been on a coach all day and there is consequently not a huge amount to report. However, I will endeavour to fill you in on what did happen in an exciting and stimulating manner.

As we were not due to depart for Washington until 11.30am, this gave us some free time in the morning; some gentlemen went to view the exterior of the apartment building in popular 90s sitcom Friends (particularly appropriate, seeing as we are all such good friends on this tour) while Nick Cornforth made a trip to Anthropologie to buy some jewellery (he is very cosmopolitan). Perennial latecomer Tom Lowen returned to our accommodation a whole five minutes before departure and performed some of the speediest packing the world is ever likely to see. After driving around central Manhattan for an hour and a half we finally made it to the freeway for the long (ish) journey to Virginia. This was by and large uneventful; I was treated to a twenty minute lecture by the chorister in front of me on the use of continuo in the late 16th century, while those further behind me enjoyed three hours of The Moral Maze with bass choral scholar Aidan Atkinson. We paused at the Walt Whitman Service Area for lunch (we’re looking forward to seeing Watford Gap renamed the Thomas Hardy Service Area) before arriving at Virginia Theological Seminary for dinner, a few rounds of Doris-Ball (look out for future posts explaining the rules of this) and an early night for boys and men alike. If you’re interested in seeing what the Walt Whitman service were like, do watch the above video. Below picture: alto lay clerk Sam Mitchell breaking the door handle of our accommodation. He is Australian, which explains a lot.


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