Day 12: New country for old men

Today was another one of those transit days, where everything is directed towards getting to the next destination. I’m sure the boys wouldn’t mind me saying that travelling with 16 children somewhat slows this process down.. So this morning we gathered at last night’s church, said fond farewells to our hosts, and boarded the coach.

First stop for the day was Mill City museum in downtown Minneapolis. This was a museum about the history of the city, set in an old mill building, and featuring a farmers’ market inside. Most of the men went in, plundered the free samples on offer, then retreated to a car park to play a game of frisbee. It was a game that caused organ scholar William Wallace to take a tumble, exclaiming ‘my foot hath slipped’ [Psalm 94: 18], and slipped it very much had – as evidenced by his torn woolly jumper. We re-boarded the bus, which took us to an old indoor market for lunch. There were multitudinous food stalls, coffee shops, bakeries, and even a decent jazz ensemble to serenade us whilst we ate.
We ‘did eat, and were well filled’ [Psalm 78: 29] so yet again we got on the bus, and this time it took us to the airport, ready to head over the border to Canada for our last stop.

A geographical curiosity proffered by my host was that in flying from Minneapolis, USA to Toronto, Canada, we would be actually flying southwards, as the state of Minnesota sits at the very north of the USA, and Toronto at the very south of Canada. After a lengthy wait in the airport (another precaution that has to be taken when travelling with a large group of boys!), we boarded the tiny Air Canada plane and made our sojourn – a remarkably smooth one, it must be said – landing in Toronto at 7.40 local time. It was -3 Celsius on arrival, only a little colder than Minneapolis had been, but -7 by the time we’d reached our destination.

At the church, we met our fifth and final hosts of the tour. We’re all now happily retiring to bed, ready to take in Toronto tomorrow and deliver the last concert of the trip! I shall leave you with a video I took of the last 10 minutes of our plane journey, sped up by 10 times:



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