We have an exceedingly early start tomorrow in order to catch the bullet train (5.45am wake-up call), so this entry might be short! The choristers have been appreciating the slightly cooler temperature here in Shanghai, although once cocooned in the air-conditioned Shanghai Grand Theatre the heat of outside was quickly forgotten. We’ve had a good deal of media attention on this leg of the tour – even our exit from the airport was filmed yesterday – and there were plenty of photos taken on arrival at People’s Square this afternoon. At the entrance to the Theatre’s labyrinth of corridors it was reassuring to pass a television playing images of Christ Church – the cathedral, the meadow, and even Dr Darlington wielding an impressive microphone.

Fortified by spaghetti, sandwiches, Oreos and pizza, the boys performed this evening to a vast audience that once again comprised well over a thousand concert-goers. The Shanghai Radio Children’s Chorus joined the Christ Church team to perform John Williams’ ‘Double Trouble’ from ‘Harry Potter and the Prizoner of Azkaban’, which drew delighted murmuring from the audience. On arrival back at our hotel the choir was treated to a buffet meal courtesy of the concert’s sponsors; for the lucky choristers this was supper number three. The frequent waves of food have been a feature of this tour, and the variety has at times been quite spectacular. As you can see from the pictures, the gleeful boys made a beeline for the cakes. Let’s hope they’re just as full of energy at 5.45 tomorrow morning…


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