Guangzhou Opera House

After a short rehearsal in the hotel, the choristers enjoyed a traditional Cantonese lunch before heading off to Guangzhou Opera House for the next concert. The opera house had sent us a luxury coach whose sides doubled as an advertising hoarding for Phantom of the Opera… this seemed strangely appropriate as the boys clambered on board clad in their black gowns.

Situated by the Pearl River, the opera house is an elegantly futuristic building based around curving lines designed to imitate the shapes created by water erosion. Other than the ‘double pebble’ shape, one of its most eye-catching features is the myriad of tiny lights which pepper the ceiling. It was opened in 2010 and seats nearly 2000 people, giving the choir a magnificent setting for the third concert of the tour. A highlight of this performance was the collaboration with the opera house children’s choir, who impressed everybody with the verve of their performance of a stirring song about battles and warriors. The children then joined forces with Christ Church to rapturous reception in the auditorium – and backstage the atmosphere was just as effusive, with everyone keen to capture the moment Christ Church came to Guangzhou (see photo). What a wonderfully warm reception we have had here!


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