The 2014 Tour of the US and Canada – The Schedule

The 2014 Tour Schedule 

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This spring we are travelling back to the US and to Toronto Canada. Over the next few months, I will be posting a lot of background material. We will have pages for each venue and we will be keeping in touch on Facebook as well.

We will be looking for volunteers to help cover the tour itself as we did in 2011.

Here is the schedule.

March 28th – We start this time on the US West Coast with a performance at Casa Romantica in San Clemente Ca

March 29th – We perform with the Dana Point Symphony in St Edwards Church, Dana Point

March 30th – We perform at St James Church, Wilshire Boulevard in LA

We are planning a Master Class in California as well – TBA

We then travel to North Carolina

April 4th – Concert at Covenant Presbyterian Church, Charlotte, NC

April 5th – Masterclass and Workshop at Davidson University, Charlotte, NC

We then fly to Toronto Canada

April 7th – We have a choral workshop at Grace Church on-the-Hill, Toronto

April 8th – We have a concert at Grace Church on-the-Hill, Toronto

A new feature of this tour will be a series of Master Classes and Workshops. Traditionally, as most choirs do, we have performed concerts. This tour we are adding a participatory feature. In many venues we will offer the opportunity for local choirs and for people that like to sing to rehearse a program with Christ Church and sing the works together. To support this, we have also developed a simple online tutorial that I will talk more about soon. Here is a link to the Workshop at Grace Church-on-the-Hill where you can see the structure and rationale.

The choir is excited to go to the US and Canada again and I hope that you are as excited to spend time with them too.

Here is a taste – Ch CH and the choir of Grace Church on-the-Hill rehearsing Te Lucis

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