Day 11 – Boston (News)

The boys began their day with an early start and sang at the assembly of a local school. Meanwhile, the gents slept in and rocked on up about 11.30…well, most of us…It took about 80mins to get to the WGBH Studios and after a quick sound check we were ‘on air’. It was a really interesting experience and in between pieces Dr Darlington, Josh, ‘I want to be a Policeman’, Hirst and Tom Bennett were interviewed by the radio host Cathy Fuller.

We headed up to the Trinity Church, Copley Square, to have an early dinner in the undercroft before rehearsing in the choir stalls. It was a challenging building to sing in due to the distance between the stalls. However, the packed Evensong congregation actually improved the acoustic. The service music was:

Introit – Christe Jesu, pastor bone (Taverner)

Responses – Clucas

Psalm 84

Canticles – Chichester Service (Walton)

Anthems – Salvator mundi (Tallis), Justorum animae (Stanford)

We were joined by several boy choirs from Boston for the Stanford. Afterwards we hopped back on the bus to the Green’s house in Marblehead for some delicious shepherd’s pie and refreshments, which went down a treat. No one is really looking forward to the eleven hour bus journey tomorrow but I’m going home to my hosts to watch Man Utd vs Chelsea!

Chris Bruerton

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