Behind the scenes at Covenant

Last night’s performance was a triumph. I am told 700 people were there and I heard the last half on my iPhone. At the end the audience lept to its feet and whistled, cheered and stamped their feet.

The podcast will be available soon – so you too will be able to hear them. But what was it like getting ready? Let’s see the feet of the swan paddling away.

It was a lovely day as you can see.

The boys had an outing before they got down to work. (Sophie Biddell)

On parade!

It all looks so easy on the night but of course it is not…..

This kind of work brings you together

Like this

But it is also just hard!

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  1. AKINO (Daniel's Mum)
    AKINO (Daniel's Mum) says:

    It was very good concert.
    It helped me keep going ahead without worrying too much about the crisis of Japan.

  2. Ann W. Mercer
    Ann W. Mercer says:

    I cannot tell you when I have enjoyed anything more than the wonderful performance last evening at Covenant.
    I enjoyed the performance on Monday evening also.
    Thank you for coming to the colonies. We love you. Please come back to see us.


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