What do you remember of your Oxford experience?

This Oxford Promo video is a typical promo – but it did bring back to me, glimpses of Christ Church, the beauty of the city, the life of the student and sense of academic awe that I had when I first arrived.

How did you feel when you first arrived? I was terrified that I would be the stupid one. I also only knew 2 people when I arrived and wondered how I would fit in socially as well.

I regret that I was a bit of a hearty philistine – Yes I have “swum” in Mercury. The Bulldogs knew me well. I was fortunate to have Charles Stuart as my Moral Tutor and as a regular Tutor. He more than anyone taught me how to think.

I did next to no work for my first 2 years but then knuckled down and in effect did all of the 3 years in one at the end. I only stopped having nightmares about finals a few years back!

I wish that I had participated more broadly at the time. But I did have the time of my life and made the best friends of my life too. More than anything these friendship have and still do sustain me. We have all had our ups and downs – buried our parents – been god parents to our children – and now get old together. I can’t imagine my life without them.

I can rarely go back either to see my friends or Christ Church. This is why I am so excited about bringing some of this here to where I live. I am also making amends I hope for my very uncivilized escapades. No fire extinguisher left unused on my staircase in Peck!

Wishing you too great memories and great friends

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