News – Tomorrow’s Video & the Tour Recce

Each Sunday Tom releases a new original video. This Sunday it will be about the Choir’s recordings. A very wide range from the most modern such as Howard Goodall to the very beginnings of the Choral Tradition – The Eton Choir Book

Here is the review of the ECB from the Gramophone

“These trebles excel in some of the most virtuoso music ever written for children.

The Eton Choirbook ranks among the most difficult music composed to be sung by children, namely the boy trebles of the countless choral foundations that dotted the British Isles in the late Middle Ages. In the last year or so, a concentrated group of recordings has appeared from some of the most renowned of those choral foundations, whose distant but direct descendants are really getting their collective teeth into the repertoire. This latest is very impressive, and I cannot recommend it too highly.

The trebles here excel, both as soloists and, just as remarkably, when several sing together on the same line. In music as exposed on top as this can be, such unanimity is essential, but rare. Peter Quantrill praised this ensemble’s previous recording on this label (of Taverner’s Missa Gloria tibi trinitas), but I found it laboured and flat-footed, precisely because the tempi seem to have been chosen to accommodate trebles who struggled audibly with the music’s demands. Here, everything goes swimmingly.”

Here is a longer Video about Goodall’s Requiem. It is also available on iTunes. Here is a link to the album site where we have many samples.

Coming later – The Choir will be making podcasts soon!

Chris Rocker, our Chef de Mission, and Stephen Darlington are in the US and Canada this week on a Recce visit to all our venues. I will be talking to them about how things are going this week.

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