65 Million Americans have sung in a choir – what got you started?

I have not sung in a choir for many years. But as a boy I too was a chorister and sung in services every day and twice on Sunday with lots of rehearsal as well. Singing in the choir was a formative part of me. I am told by Ben Roe that 65 million Americans have sung in a choir. That makes for a huge part of the nation.

So here is my question to you – what was the piece that you sung early that meant the most to you?

Mine was In the Bleak Mid Winter. Christmas was the centre of our year. And this one carol brings it all back to me. I am a boy again with all my life ahead of me – in a magical moment at a magical time that I seem to have lost forever – for we can’t go back.

But maybe in a way we can when we are with others who are at that time in their lives. So here is the Christ Church Choir singing In the Bleak Winter outside in the real snow. I hope you enjoy this. Please let me know what piece does this for you too.

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