Bullet train to Jinan

The choir travelled from Nanjing to Jinan by bullet train yesterday. Veterans of previous China tours were delighted to reacquaint themselves with these excellent trains, which are comfortable, efficient, and well-stocked with Oreos. On arrival at our hotel the boys paid a swift visit to the gym, which formed the prelude to further exertion at the hotel’s evening buffet. (No witness could doubt the choristers’ adventurous spirit after watching one boy chewing a starfish.)

Today our morning trip to the local mall was followed by an afternoon rehearsal at Shandong Grand Theatre. This is another eye-catching building with a generous acoustic: ideal for the tour’s first performance of excerpts from Handel’s ‘The Choice of Hercules’. An extremely well-received concert was followed by the short coach-ride home, although a difference of opinion between our driver and a taxi meant that the final stages of our journey were completed on foot. We’re all looking forward to catching the bullet train again in the morning, but not so much to the early start!

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