Day 3: O sing unto the Lord a (Fifth Ave) Nue Song

Having now been in America for two days, we have almost all shaken off our jet lag and for the most part managed to awake bright eyed and bushy tailed for another morning exploring the Big Apple. The day began with different groups of us visiting various art galleries, which led to an impromptu competition to find the strangest piece; the winner was a tie between Chris’s wooden cross mounted on a washing machine and Ed’s discovery of a box of garlic (Ed is famous in the choir for his love of the pungent herb, his plat du maison being a a particularly pungent recipe for pasta with sardines and garlic). After such exertions we were in need of some proper New York sustenance, for which some of us made a trip to Ess-A-Bagel (please do let us know if you have any idea what this name means) where we purchased salmon bagels the size and weight of a small cat.

After lunch we met once more at St Thomas’s for our pre-concert rehearsal. Stephen was very impressed with our energy and enthusiasm for moving around while singing, commenting ‘it’s like watching the New York City Ballet up there’. All I can say is that some of our undergraduate members are definitely in line for a tutu. A couple of us popped over to Brooklyn before the concert; it turned out this was not quite as close as we thought, but we all made it back for the start with over ninety seconds to spare. We were all very pleased with our singing and received our first standing ovation of the tour, which we followed with a moving rendition of Our love is here to stay, during which I was privileged to make a lot of eye contact with our illustrious conductor. Another personal highlight of the evening was idiot choral scholar Darius Latham-Koenig’s decision to process into the stalls in entirely the wrong place; it is the little things such as this which really keep us all going when on tour.

We concluded the day with a trip up the Rockefeller Centre (‘A Bunch of Handsome Rockefellas’, as my cheery alto colleague Nick Cornforth put it), which capped an entirely excellent day (although the few of us who then continued on to a bar with live bagpipers really did have a unique experience). Do watch the above video forsome live commentary and action from our day – we now proceed to Washington DC (C, the word is incarnate).

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