Video Diary: Christ Church Cathedral Choir at EU Project Workshops

Earlier this year Christ Church Cathedral Choir sang at two very exciting workshops as part of the EU-funded Old Hispanic Office project. The focus of the project is Iberia’s early-medieval Christian liturgy – this is being studied by an international group of musicologists and liturgical historians who are collaborating with contemporary composers. In December 2014 a competition was announced in which EU composers were invited to write short pieces that engage with the work of the project. Twenty composers were shortlisted, and their pieces were workshopped by Kokoro Ensemble, Bristol Cathedral Choir, or Christ Church Cathedral Choir in Bristol and Oxford in March this year.

To see the choirs and composers in action, please click on this video diary of the composition competition workshops.

To learn more about one of the pieces sung by Christ Church Cathedral Choir (Effundum Spiritum Meum – I Will Pour Out My Spirit – by Benedict Todd), please see this podcast.

For further details please see the Old Hispanic Office project website.

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