Day 12: Minneapolis to Toronto

Our final morning in Minneapolis was spent at the Mill City Museum which – as a temple to the Minneapolitan flour industry – might not initially seem the best way to spend an hour or two. Any apprehensions were soon dispelled as the choir found themselves riding up and down a grain elevator (pictured above), gazing over the only waterfall on the Mississippi and finding out quite how explosive flour really is. Our visit to the museum was made even better by the busy farmers’ market outside where (true to form) the choristers immediately located plate after plate of free samples. After sausage, bread, kale and micro-greens they hardly needed their excellent lunch at the Midtown Global Market, and before we knew it it was time to head for the airport.

The antics of Air Canada made our transit through the terminal much more exciting. They first refused to check the group in under one credit card (necessitating a grumpy and laborious transaction for each of us) and then bumped Mrs Darlington and matron off the flight. After a tense stand-off things were finally resolved at the gate, and everyone climbed onto a tiny and distinctly crumb-filled aircraft without needing to resort to stowing away. We touched down in Toronto as the sun was setting, then spent a good hour passing an interminable series of desks giving and receiving small pieces of paper. The authorities must have decided they liked us as we were eventually allowed into the country.

A car accident held our coach up on the freeway (sound familiar?) and we seemed to spend an eternity taking the scenic route through Toronto’s outlying neighbourhoods. Our patient hosts were, however, waiting to greet us when we arrived at Grace Church, and we were very glad to be on our way towards the comfort of Canadian homestays. Tomorrow: our final concert day!

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  1. Richard Patterson
    Richard Patterson says:

    Sounds like Air Canada. If Basil Fawlty ran an airline, this would be it. As a Canadian, I feel I should apologise for the appalling treatment you received. I hope the rest of your visit is much better!


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