Day 10: Exchange day with the Minnesota Boychoir

We spoke too soon about the snow. Early in the morning our hosts dropped us off at Hamline Church, with familiar white stuff swirling in the wind. We keep being told we’ve brought these unseasonal snow showers with us – it was much the same in Chicago – and this is baffling, since we’re quite sure it was hot and sunny when we left Charlotte…

The choristers, undaunted by the chill, poured off the coach at Como Park for an energetic session of running, throwing and catching (and falling over), which functioned as the warm-up to their high-octane day at the Waterpark of America. We were very glad to be joined there by some of our hosts from the Minnesota Boychoir. As well as providing flumes, wave machines, surfing and body-boarding, the Waterpark gave us the most surreal dining experience of the tour yet: the opportunity to eat hotdogs at picnic benches whilst clad in dripping wet pool gear, with water lapping at our feet.

Late in the afternoon the choristers travelled to Concordia University, where they were met by the gentlemen of the choir and many more members of the Minnesota Boychoir. We were delighted to have the chance to hear this thriving group perform, as well as getting to meet them socially over dinner. The Christ Church team responded by performing Parsons’ ‘Ave Maria’, and the choristers joined Boychoir members for music games and further singing together. (Countless friendships were quickly forged over the tentative sharing of freeze-dried ‘astronaut’ ice cream – a talking point if ever there was one.)

We’re incredibly grateful for the outstandingly warm welcome we’ve received from the Minnesota Boychoir and their director, Mark. There’s such passion for music here, and we immediately felt very much at home. Thank you!

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