What troupers they are

Here is an email from Frank Dominguez from WDAV about the epic journey to Charlotte NC.

Tonight’s broadcast was extraordinarily smooth, in spite of a rocky afternoon – the poor boy choristers were first stranded in Mooresville when their bus broke down, and when a replacement hadn’t arrived in a timely way, had to hop cabs to get to Charlotte, only to contend with traffic on I-77. The youngsters made it to Covenant with barely enough time to do a sound check, never mind have the dinner the church had prepared for us. You’d never know the stressful circumstances from the performance they gave, though – it was stupendous!

Kudos to veterans Bob, Jim, Larry, Bruce, and Matt for making it all run smoothly, and to Theresa and Kendra for their impressive debuts in one of these productions: Theresa provided poised and knowledgeable continuity, and Kendra was the den mother of our dreams, shepherding the choir to and from their calls with authority and tact. It was so much fun to have Will and Kali among us, posting and tweeting away to share the excitement of it all with our social media fans. And Joe held down the fort back in the WDAV studios with his usual unflappable polish.

The only sad note was not having Josh with us – he’s been sidelined with an illness, but was with us in spirit and listening online, bless him. Send your good thoughts and wishes for a speedy recovery his way, please.

Can’t say thank you enough to Stephen Darlington and Chris Rocker of the choir; the brilliant Lisa Gray, who helped coordinate so much of this; as well as Stephen Talley and the warm, lovely people at Covenant Presbyterian who were so helpful and cooperative.

Very proud of all of us tonight – my heart overflows!

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