Day 5 – In LA

StJameschancel Yesterday we had our concert in St James Church in LA. We left Casa Romantica at 12 noon and while travelling along the freeway we caught our first glimpse of Disneyland – apparently some of the trebles (and adults) are excited about our trip there today? Equally as impressive, in my opinion, was the Los Angeles skyline that could be observed from the coach. The scale of this place has to be seen to be believed.

We arrived at St James Church shortly before 2pm and were treated to a delicious lunch. As Mr Durrant noted “when hasn’t a meal here been delicious?!”. A number of us are already worrying about our expanding waistlines – it’s difficult to carry on with Lenten abstentions while there is so much good food about.

We had a quick top and tail of the music for the concert and then got ready in the St James Church Choir vestry. The concert was very well attended with audience members even seated in the gallery level at the back of the church. After another standing ovation we performed a couple of encores which were as well recieved as the main concert programme. A personal highlight was listening to Mr Driskill Smith’s rousing performance of the last movement of Vierne’s 3rd Symphony in the middle of the second half.

After the concert there was a lovely reception in the church hall where we were able to chat with the extremely friendly parishioners and other audience members. We were then rounded up by our LA hosts and headed our seperate ways.

Mr Tate and I are staying with a lovely couple, who happen to live in Jack Nicholson’s old house, (this is not the only celebrity house among the adults – news just in suggests that Mr Potter is staying in the former house of Laurel, of Laurel and Hardy fame) and happen to be next door to where Messrs Anderson and Kimber are staying too.

So today we have our second ‘rest day’ and we’re going to Disneyland. I know I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time and I think it would be a monstrous understatement to say that it seems as though the trebles are excited about this trip too. More pictures and videos to follow. Thanks for reading.


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