Choirs of Angels CD cover

Choirs of Angels shortlisted for Gramophone Award

We were delighted to hear the exciting news that our latest release, Choirs of Angels, has been shortlisted for a 2013 Gramophone Award in the Early Music category.

Here are some extracts from the description of the CD in the Gramophone Magazine Awards Shortlist:

… glorious in its sound and effects …

The boys … sound as they always have under Stephen Darlington, singing with confident healthily open voices that allow them to ascend through phrases and create a gloriously soaring effect … They also manage with admirable maturity the complicated rhythmic decorations and frequent harmonic voltes-faces …

… the Wylkynson … is a great wall of early Renaissance sound right from the first statement of the ‘Salve regina’, which is so tenacious in its focus from beginning to end that it imparts a sense of power that one could only reasonable expect from adults.



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