New Site 2013

Site refresh!

So after a fair bit of to and fro-ing, we’ve had the dustpan and brush out, and tidied up a bit! Apart from the updated look, the most important parts to note are that the tour blogs are now properly integrated into the site, and we can now sell CDs via the Discography section via PayPal.

The discography (which is fairly extensive) will be fleshed out even more in the coming weeks: lots of reviews and tracklistings to add –  we’ve got audio clips coming for some of the older CDs too, so you’ll be able to hear the choir as it was in the 80/90/00s. You can subscribe to the blog updates (which is essentially everything) on the front page, and also subscribe to the newsletter (which is only the really big announcements) too. Lots of other little tweaks too – please let us know if something doesn’t work, either via Facebook or directly via the contact form on the site.

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