Day 12 News

Today was not as entertaining as some of the other days due to the length of the bus trip from Boston to Niagara. However, the one exciting thing that happened at each stop was the race to log onto the available WiFi! I’ve never seen people so reluctant to leave the bus and eager to stay off it – facebook, emailing and general surfing the Internet made up for the time in between toilet breaks!

Kicking and Screaming, Chicken Little and Shrek helped out as well. The patches of ice and snow when we drove through the Berkshires were slightly foreboding despite the sunshine. However, upon arrival at Niagara it wasn’t too cold and there was enough light to take some pictures of the falls. We then headed to Betty’s Restaurant for a buffet dinner before going back to the hotel to settle in for the night. It was a great relief to finally hit the hay – amazing how tiring sitting in a bus all day can be!

Chris Bruerton


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