A long long long day – New York to Boston

Today began on a bus and it finished on a bus. In between, there was a lot of bus-ing, more than perhaps planned is the most tactful way of putting it. The gents were picked up from outside the Blakeley Hotel before going to pick up everyone else. The journey to Boston was about seven hours, slightly more than expected, but Hugo wasn’t worried given that we stopped off at Wendy’s for lunch!

We eventually found the home of Nathaniel and Louisa Green at Marblehead. Their home is enormous, so much so that the playroom is being used as a bedroom for seventeen choristers! The bus couldn’t get up to their house so we got dropped off close by and had a short walk with our luggage in the rain and wind to their house.

Due to the late arrival we had to scoff down pizza and get changed in double time. Back on the bus the next interesting part of the day was just about to begin. The unplanned sightseeing tour of some of lesser well-known surburbian parts of Boston was unexpected and we eventually made it to the British Consulate for our reception.

The eager and, by now, somewhat more high-spirited guests were relieved to see us and very much enjoyed listening to our well-prepared programme. This was now the third time we’d sung at a reception so it was a slick performance. After a much needed drink we re-took our places in our now-moulded seats and headed back to Marblehead for some milk and juice refreshments before being picked up by our billets. The day ended as it began with fourteen very weary men and seventeen excitable boys.

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