The Tour – What do we hope for you?

What did we hope for when we decided to do this tour? It is a lot more than simply filling seats and offering up great music. I interviewed Chris Rocker our “general” to offer you some clarity.

We hope that the tour may give you who are alumns and those that you care for a glimpse of Oxford. Not just the visual and the sound of the choir but the very essence of the place.  We also hope that you may be able to share this with other alumns. For it is easy to go back to the House for  Gaudy if you live in the Europe. But for us here, it is hard.

We also hope that we can offer a precious moment for all of you who simply love choral music. Millions in North America have sung in or still sing in a choir. I share with you the special time that came when I too sung in a choir. Most of us old farts on the tour have done so. Chris was a singer and Tom who is our web miracle worker was a star boy chorister and a lay clerk at Christ Church. We are bound to this project by our passion for this kind of music.

For you we offer not just the concert as a chance to hear great music sung by a great choir, but we will also be having open rehearsals so that those in the local choral community can share the inner workings. We will also in some venues also be joined by the local choir such as at Grace Church in Toronto. We will do our best to give back to you as much as we can.

Apologies for the video quality. I was in Canada and Chris at Christ Church – please forgive his somewhat Vampire hue – we are just amateurs at this skype video. But his comments are anything but amateur and show his deep love and commitment to the Choir and to the House. I hope you enjoy this.

Later this week he will talk about what it will be like for the boys – our most precious charges. At the end of the week he will talk about Christ Church as it is now as seen by a man of his age and stage. I share his feeling that we had the great fortune to be at a very special place. I hope that you did as well.

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